About Us

Our group, which provides service and marketing service for nearly 40 years in the food sector, has incorporated the KARADENİZ UN INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY in 2004. The aim is to be able to give the best answer to the customers' requests and to be able to produce solutions to their problems as soon as possible. KARADENİZ Un, with the importance given to the quality of the experience in the sector, especially with customer satisfaction is proceeding safely to its goals.

KARADENIZ Un has a capacity of 150.000 Kg per day, covers an area of 12.000 sqm and has a closed area of 5.300 sqm. With its distinguished personnel and high quality equipment understanding, it fulfills the production, packaging and storage processes in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex. Our factory is 110 km away from Istanbul on the E-5 highway in the Ergene district of Tekirdag province. Liaison offices in Istanbul are located.

Vision & Mission

Our Mission

Considering maximum customer profitability, maintaining customer partnership for many years with optimum production, quality and price balance. Our company regards customer expectancy as the main asset of being able to achieve customer satisfaction and continuously upgrade by using advanced technology and producing products that meet the highest level.

Our Vision

Sustainable growth, regional leader, becoming a well-known brand in the local and national arena, developing new products by giving importance to R & D, reaching one day as a worthy customer.